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In this rating, online casinos are not just randomly collected, but arranged in accordance with their merits. The main principle in ranking the best online casinos is maximum objectivity, which is achieved through a special algorithm. That is, this is not an assessment of one person, but an accounting of facts. The algorithm takes into account player reviews, availability of licenses, software, and other characteristics.

What is the purpose of our online casino rating?

First of all, it is to make choosing a casino simple. Often, players, especially beginners, are impatient and do not try to find out in detail about the online casino where they plan to play. Therefore, sometimes they don’t even understand how much they risk without checking the operator.

So that players do not have to look for information, find out how reliable, convenient and interesting the casino is, we have created this rating, taking into account player feedback. You can be sure that only those who deserve it get to the top positions. Here you can not be afraid that you will come across unlicensed casinos. We have a separate black list for them.

All the most important points are already taken into account, so simply based on the rating and position in the list, you can determine who has more or less positive characteristics. It is also convenient that on this page you can immediately go to reviews and a detailed review. So you can get more detailed information about the institution that you noticed.

How is the top rating of online casinos compiled?

The algorithm takes into account many criteria, for example, player reviews, licenses, games. Each of these criteria is weighted so that they all contribute differently to the final score. This is logical, since, for example, the presence of many payment methods is not as important as the availability of licenses and the reliability of the jurisdiction.

Our rating of licensed online casinos is dynamic. As new information becomes available, it automatically updates the score. So the list is always up to date. In total, the algorithm takes into account a large number of criteria that characterize the reliability of the institution, the speed of payment of winnings and how interesting it can be for players. Some of them are listed below:

  • Licenses. Each operator from the list has at least one license. However, some operators are not limited to this. There are establishments licensed in two or even three jurisdictions. Not only the number of licenses is taken into account, but also their quality. For example, Malta and the UK are more reliable than Curaçao. Accordingly, these licenses give more weight.
  • Reviews of real players also greatly affect the rating of online casinos. On our website, you can leave reviews, put down your rating and write complaints if you cannot solve a problem in a particular institution. All this goes into the calculation, so if you have an opinion, it will matter. Complaints in and of themselves are not a negative factor, because even in the best institutions in the world, something can go wrong. But unresolved complaints are already a cause for concern, so they lower the rating of the casino.
  • Casino software. The more providers of games, slot machines, the higher the rating will be. However, each developer has its own weight, because they are all of a completely different level from the best mega studios to completely unknown ones. For example, a casino with NetEnt slots will be rated higher than Real Time Gaming. As for Igrosoft, which have unlicensed games, their presence on the casino website lowers the casino in the list.
  • Currencies, language support, payment methods are less significant, but still important factors for convenience. Since the target audience is Russian players, the presence of the ruble and the Russian language increases the position in the list.

There are a lot of reliable establishments, so operators that have significant shortcomings in at least one criterion cannot get to the top positions. In all respects, you need to get a good mark in order to get ahead.

How to use the rating?

Rating is a table in which establishments are sorted according to a certain principle. By default, the list is sorted by rating - the higher the rating, the higher the position. However, right above the list on the right, you can choose a different sorting criterion, first with low rating, newest, with minimum or maximum number of reviews.

The list may change according to your personal preferences. To do this, various filters are listed in the menu on the right side.

  • The country is determined automatically. But you can choose from over 200 options.
  • Software. There are a huge number of software providers. Perhaps you have your favorite developers, then you can mark them in the list, where there are more than 150 studios.
  • Casino licenses. There are over 15 options here. Of course, Curaçao, Malta and the United Kingdom are the most famous internationally. But if you have other jurisdictions as a priority, you can choose them. It is worth noting that Russian-speaking casinos usually buy a Curacao license.
  • Deposit methods. Choose from over 100 options. These are both Russian payment systems and international ones. There are many that are specific to specific markets.
  • Currencies. You can choose rubles, dollars, euros or less common currencies. There are more than 30 in total.
  • Languages: Russian, English and many others. A total of 34.

What you need to know to choose a reliable casino from the list?

The very first thing is that the operator must be reliable. If in doubt, just exclude it, as there are a large number of honest establishments available. To understand whether you can trust the casino, consider the following points:

  • Reputation. You can find out by looking at the reviews. The more reviews, the more accurate conclusions you can draw. After all, they will not all adhere to the same opinion that the casino is good or bad. There is always conflicting information in reviews. There may be complaints, but if they remain unresolved, this is a bad sign.
  • Terms and Conditions. Of course, not every player reads this document, but it is important. Sometimes casinos give themselves too many rights that will justifiably seem unfair to you. It's best to go over all the sections to make sure there's nothing inappropriate there. But you can skip some points and go to the sections that talk about withdrawals, verification, wagering bonuses.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options. Please note that some methods can only be used for deposits. And conclusions come in a different way. Make sure that you can both deposit and withdraw money without any problems. Don't make a big deposit. It is safer to start with small amounts, and then look. It happens that problems arise already at the replenishment stage. For example, the deposit is not credited.
  • Support. Surely you will have questions before you decide to register. Feel free to ask them. So you can understand how effective the support service is. With bad operators, sometimes you can not even wait for an answer. And it happens that the employees themselves do not know the answers.
  • Games. If you have a preference for games, check if they are on the site.
  • Another important criterion: fast payouts of winnings, payout speed.

If you're looking for player reviews, it's important to keep in mind that not all of them are equally valuable. Especially often they like to leave comments that the casino twists the games. At the same time, without evidence, but the impression of the casino due to these unfounded accusations may deteriorate. This is a common practice of players who believe that they must win.

When there is criticism from the player in the reviews, you need to look at the reaction of the representatives. Do they acknowledge the problem and how do they generally comment on the case. Because it happens that the accusations are completely unfounded and when the representative offers to look into the problem, the player disappears.

Can any online casino ratings be trusted?

You shouldn't believe everyone. There are lists in which the positions of the casino are distributed not according to merit, but for other reasons. The worst option is a list of scam casinos. Those who expose you to scammers as top operators. In fact, they offer fake games in which they can adjust the return. Moreover, such operators do not pay money.

Therefore, if the resource is new and unverified for you, then make sure that they recommend you an honest and reliable casino. And only then focus on their assessment.

Our goal is not just an honest rating, but the most objective. For this reason, an algorithm was introduced that eliminates the human factor in the evaluation of operators. Collapse

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